Process for the manufacture of industrial paints

The manufacturing process of industrial paints is characterized by the mixing of base components with pigments, as well as binders, additives or synthetic resins that facilitate the stabilization and dissolution of the pigments. The paints are based on a mixture containing particles of a certain size, which makes it possible to see them with the naked eye. The composition that is finally achieved is the one that allows a homogeneous paint, which gives a satisfactory use and at the same time keeps them in the best condition. At Morlopín, your trusted paint factory, you will find the widest variety of industrial paints, food paints, wood paints, floor paints and solvents, among other products in our catalog.

In order to properly understand the paint manufacturing process, it is essential to know more in detail the raw materials, which are described below.


Element used to contain the pigment and keep it fixed on the support. These main characteristics of the binders stand out:

  • Resistance when dry
  • Remarkable pigment blending properties
  • Possess a texture that allows its application


One of its outstanding qualities is the ability to modify the color of the light it reflects, due to selective color assimilation. A pigment must fulfill the function of tinting surfaces of any type and must remain stable at room temperature in its solid form.

Minor additives

Elements that are added to the mixture in small quantities compared to the raw materials, the additives provide the paint with specific characteristics, which without them would not be achieved. These types of additives are usually drying accelerators, paint surface tension modifiers and viscosity modifiers, among others. The ISO 12944-5 standard sets out the characteristics required for corrosion protection of bolted metal structures.


In a material used for the dissolution of the binder, being the case that this is in a solid state, if the binder is liquid, it makes it possible for this material to flow easily.

What is the manufacturing process of industrial paints?

Now that you know what materials make up the paint, it is time to see how the manufacturing process works:

  • The first part consists of the previous design of the mixture of each paint, also with a previous study of the different materials. These procedures are carried out in the laboratory.
  • The next step would be to take the exact weight of the ingredients previously decided, in order to dilute the mixture later and obtain a homogeneous result.
  • After the mixture has been obtained, a test is required, taking a sample of the paint in order to carry out a quality control test and to consider whether the formula is still suitable or not.
  • After having checked that the paint is correct, it is kept at rest for a period of time and then a stabilization control is carried out. Once it is approved, it goes to the product packaging process.
  • Finally we have the product prepared and ready to paint.

By now you are familiar with the process behind the manufacture of industrial paints. You might also be interested in, paint factory in Madrid, food paint. What you can find in our catalog of industrial paints.








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