Industrial solvents

Solvents are liquids or mixtures of liquids that can dissolve film formers, such as butyl acetate, butyl glycol, water, etc. They are also known as thinning agents when used to adjust processing characteristics, i.e. viscosity.

It is convenient to add to the paints or varnishes the specific thinning agent or solvent depending on the behavior we are looking for, either to slow down or speed up drying, better wetting,…

At the professional or industrial level, solvents for industrial paints are an indispensable tool to achieve the desired application, as it is not the same to apply the paint with a sprayer as with a roller.

And in MORLOPIN, your paint factory, we have a wide catalog of paints and solvents for professionals, to suit any need you may have.

Solvent applications

Solvents are a fundamental part of the paint. And since their main function is to facilitate application, they are manufactured with volatile compounds that evaporate during the curing of the paint, leaving a solid layer once the paint has dried.

With the application of a solvent is achieved:

  • Reduce viscosity, achieving the necessary rheology for the corresponding application, either by brush, roller or spray.
  • Increase or decrease the drying speed. With the right components in the solvent, fast drying and slow drying can be achieved, depending on the specific needs of the production process.

Solvent properties

  • Diluent capacity. This is the most necessary characteristic and is related to the ability to dissolve the polymer components.
  • Flow and wetting. That is the ability to reduce the viscosity of the paint, to achieve a uniform layer and the right thickness when the paint is applied.
  • Evaporation rate. That is, speed or slowness of drying. It is very important depending on the application to be given to the paint.

Most commonly used types of solvents

  • Helps to dilute water-based paints, enamels and varnishes.
  • It is a good solvent known for its use in particular to remove nail polish. It is frequently used in mixtures to make varnishes, automobile and furniture finishes, as well as to clean metals or glass.
  • Butyl acetate. It is a high quality raw material, which slows down the drying process when a slower polymerization is required.
  • Turpentine. It is a solvent of vegetable origin, so it is more used for the dilution of glazes and for its faster drying. Although this substance is often used as a cleaner, it is an excellent solvent for paints, dyes and resins.

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Additives are substances that are generally added in small quantities and have particular chemical or technological effects: dispersants, thickeners, deaerators, rheological,…

For example, we have additives that affect the surface tension; when they exist, the paint does not wet the substrate. There are also additives that accelerate the drying speed.

There is an infinite number of additives depending on the performance we are looking for.

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