What is water-based paint for industry?

For the general public, water-based paint is the best known. And this type of coating is diluted in treated water to adjust its viscosity. The advantages of water-based paint for industry are diverse. And they are categorized in 3 aspects. Que comprenden su seguridad, su idoneidad y su sostenibilidad. In other words, water-based paints are better than most paints on these 3 factors. If you are looking for an industrial paint factory for your company’s coatings, Morlopin has the most complete catalog.

Advantages of waterborne paint for industry

  1. Security. Water-based paints are less toxic because they do not contain organic substrates that produce volatile organic compounds. They are non-flammable and this reduces risks. They can also be stored for a longer period of time, as there is no risk of explosion. They produce less odors. And its transport does not have the restrictions of solvent-based paints.
  2. They are diluted with water. So it is not necessary to have specific solvents to change its viscosity. Water can be obtained more easily. And the quality of the paint does not vary if the paint factory‘s instructions are followed.
  3. Sustainability. Without the presence of volatile organic compounds, this type of industrial paint is more environmentally friendly. It also facilitates compliance with EU environmental directives. And its production is safer for the environment.


Once you know the advantages of water-based paint for industry, it is necessary to know its disadvantages.

  • Decorative application. Most water soluble paints are used for decorative coating. That is, acrylic, latex or PVA paints are used to coat walls and other surfaces. So in particular applications, such as fireproof coating. Competition between water-based and solvent-based paints is greater.
  • Necessary facilities and tools. In some sectors, more work is done with organic solvent-based paints. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt the tools and facilities for the use of water-based industrial paints. And it may be necessary to purchase paint mixers and meters or tools for application and drying.

Apply industrial water-based paint

Before enjoying the advantages of waterborne paint for industry, the right product must be chosen. Assessing factors such as surface pretreatment, application equipment. As well as handling and drying time. Finally, the physicochemical requirements of the coating must be known.

  • Surfaces. Surfaces must be clean. That is, free of grease, dust and rust. Poor cleaning will cause poor wetting of the substrate and imperfections in the coating.
  • Temperature and humidity. The recommended temperature for the application of water-based paint is between 15 and 25 ºC. It is necessary to apply the coating in a ventilated environment and with a relative humidity not exceeding 80%.
  • Application equipment. Stainless steel or plastic equipment and tools are recommended. Since water-based paint causes oxidation of non-resistant materials.