Morlopin and Valresa strategic alliance

We are proud to announce that MORLOPIN will represent VALRESA in the Community of Madrid and in Talavera.

In the wood sector, VALRESA is undoubtedly a reference in the market, being a leader in all the new technologies on wood and standing out for its quality policy.

For its part, MORLOPIN is a leading paint factory in the industrial sector, standing out for the developments made in recent years.

As a result, this collaboration was initiated with the aim of providing the best solutions for both industry and woodworking.


Valresa Coatings is dedicated to designing the varnish paints of the future, seeking innovation in four areas
Look for new developments that reduce the application and hardening of wood paint, saving on varnishing costs.

A technology that makes coatings more and more ecological, minimizing the environmental impact they can produce and respecting the environment, maintaining an increasingly healthy and clean working environment.
Innovation in the search for solutions to customize furniture and styles.
Offering varnishes for wood or other coatings with surfaces highly resistant to scratching, touch and all kinds of effects and colors.

And finally Design, presenting the latest trends in wood and wood design in terms of colors, textures, varnish and luminosity.

MORLOPIN Paint Factory

Our trajectory as a paint manufacturer is based on innovation. We have been working for many years to provide each customer with the best product.
We are specialized in Industrial Paint, Food Paint, Floor Paint, Varnishes, Solvents and a special line for construction.

One of the most innovative recent products is as follows


It is a unique AGUAINNOVATOR base product on the market.
It is a surface treatment forthe waterproofing of concrete substrates which achieves:

  1. Avoid the upwelling of its typical salts.
  2. Uniformity of surface appearance.
  3. No emission of VOC’s.
  4. Designed for concrete exposed to the exterior.
  5. No yellowing.

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