Food Grade Paints

What is food paint?

Coatings that are in direct or indirect contact with food are called food paints. And, therefore, they are designed to be stable and to ensure that there is no migration of the coating to the food with which it may be in contact, so that they do not exert any detrimental action on the preservation or consumption of the food. In addition, they have very specific properties.

Therefore, food paint is used to coat surfaces that may come into contact with food, beverages or raw materials intended for food use. And its use is mandatory for the coating of surfaces in premises intended for the processing of unpackaged food, whether for floor, ceiling and wall coverings, wine or drinking water vats, as well as in operating theaters, i.e., wherever there is a sanitary use.

And in our paint factory you will find a professional solution for your food painting needs.

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Development of food paint

Manufacturing with respect for the environment and rigorously complying at all times with the laws and regulations related to our activity in all areas. Our investment policy is directly oriented towards R&D&I of goods and services that make this unequivocally possible.

Our commitment to the market is to always offer the highest quality in a wide and growing range of products and services, in order to satisfy customer needs and meet the expectations of the trust they place in us.

Food Paint: Morloepox

Morloepox food paint is a coating based on resins from the reaction of epichlorhydrin with Bisphenol A that are cross-linked with a cycloaliphatic polyamide adduct. The result is a film with a three-dimensional vitrified structure. Where its components are fixed without “migrations” that could contaminate the food in contact with the coating.

These coatings are sterilized to prevent the appearance of mold and bacteria. Its properties include high mechanical and chemical resistance, good film thickness and absence of odor on application. Although they are not suitable for outdoors.

This product line is approved by the accredited APPLUS+LGAI TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER, according to Report N.2519/10/1653M1 – Act No: 6287. According to current legislation.

With us you will always get the highest quality

BSI UKAS Morlopin

Uses of the food grade epoxy varnish

The food grade epoxy varnish can be used on new, blasted or milled concrete floors previously primed with our MORLOHIDROL EPW-10 or ANTIOXIS EPOXI TRANSPARENT, for use in slaughterhouses, aseptic rooms, packaging plants, food warehouses, canneries and, in general, places where it is required to protect the floors and facilitate their cleaning, improving their hygiene.

  • Food grade paint for floors and walls intended for the manufacture of products for human use or consumption. Such as slaughterhouses, canneries and dairy factories, among others.
  • Food grade paint for juice, oil, vinegar, wine, drinking water and other food storage tanks.

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