Painting Decoration

Paint for decoration

We include in this line those paints whose main purpose is aesthetic, that is to say, the improvement of the appearance of all types of surfaces.

Professional decoration paint

Morlopin’s construction and decoration line brings to the fore all the experience of a paint factory leader in the industrial sector to offer professional grade decorative paint, guaranteeing the best result in the application of the paint because apart from the purely decorative effects, we always give as an added value the achievement of other properties.

The range of paint for decoration and construction includes:

  • Alkyl and wetting agents for wall preparation
  • Paint for interior decoration
  • Paint for exterior decoration
  • Varnish for facades
  • Stain remover
  • Water-based dyes
  • Waterproofing and insulation
  • Water repellents
  • Passive protection, thermal insulating paint and flame-retardant paint

MORLOPIN Decoration and Construction Line

The importance of paint in decoration

Without painting, it would not be possible to talk about decoration, since colors are the basis for the search for harmony.

Painting and interior decoration

It is one of the great tools of interior decoration: vinyls, wallpaper and accessories such as paintings, lamps or furniture. However, painting is the basis of the “ambience”, without which the concept of interior design loses its essence. without which the concept of interior design loses its essence.

Alquil is an acrylic emulsion used for the consolidation of construction substrates. It can be diluted between 50 and 100 %. It is what is colloquially known as “filler cap”.

Wall preparation wetting agents is an acrylic emulsion of ultrafine particle size. And it is used to wet and consolidate weakened substrates, which achieves a better application of paints and strengthens the structure.

Paint for interior decoration

For interior decoration you can choose the line of interior plastic paints, based on acrylic copolymers with very good coverage, high performance and excellent water vapor transpiration.

Paints for exterior decoration

The paint for exterior decoration is a matte white exterior plastic paint based on acrylic copolymers, which makes the coating very stable and resistant to the different agents to which exterior surfaces are exposed: pollution, UV rays, …

With us you will always get the highest quality

BSI UKAS Morlopin

Imprimaciones al disolvente

Solvent-based varnish for facades: Chlorinated rubber varnish

It is a varnish to protect exposed brick and other surfaces, with excellent exterior performance and water repellent power.

Stain remover

It is a coating that covers the stains of the supports, allowing its repainting in an ideal way.

Water-based dyes

These are concentrated pigment pastes for tinting plastic paints and, in general, water-based paints.

What defines us…





Waterproofing and insulation


It is a coating for the waterproofing of facades and roofs, consisting of a solution of acrylic resins with adhesion promoters that stands out for its elasticity, which together with insulating spheres and a set of aggregate fillers of different granulometries, make it an ideal coating for waterproofing and thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings.

It also has the added advantage of supporting safety floors due to its elastomeric behavior.

Its most common use is for swimming pool floors, playgrounds, kindergartens, terraces, decks and roofs of buildings, encapsulated roofing of uralite, etc.


ELASTIC plastic paint with adhesion promoters for facades, concrete decks and other ceramic substrates.

Its main characteristic is its WATERPROOFING capacity.


High thickness ELASTIC coating to cover cracks, expansion joints, leaks, etc.

Thermal Insulating Paint

Decoration Paint – Passive Protection

Flame Control Varnishes: Flame Control

It is a transparent varnish IGNIFUGO under the UNE-EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2010 standard and is classified as B-s2,d0. It is used for public and crowded places where passive fire protection is required.

Intumescent white water-based paints

Water-based system that under the action of heat or flame develops protective thermal insulating foam with very low thermal conductivity, thus protecting the substrate from the action of fire and heat propagation.

Water repellents


Silane/siloxane based product to be used as a high quality general water repellent agent for porous substrates, i.e. it prevents moisture and seepage in the substrate on which it is applied.


Surface treatment for the waterproofing of outdoor concrete substrates.

It stands out for the following:

  • Totally non-toxic.
  • It can be repainted with any plastic paint.
  • It unifies the general appearance of the concrete, mitigating differences in tone typical of this type of support.

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